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F1 Help

Application F1 Help for H3Viewer.

Navigation - General

  • Click
    Click page links, list items and buttons to open the URL in the current page.
  • Ctrl+Click
    Ctrl+Click page links, list items and buttons to open the URL in a new page tab.
  • Mouse-Wheel+Click (build 71)
    Same as Ctrl_Click
  • Shift+Click
    Shift+Click page links, list items and buttons to open the URL in your default browser window.
  • Enter, Ctrl+Enter, Shift+Enter
    Similar to mouse -- Open, Open in new tab, Open in new window.
When opening in new window (Shift+click or Shift+Enter), H3Viewer opens the page in the browser or viewer you selected in "Page > Open With > *".

These Shift + Ctrl click/Enter variations also work on the Search "Find" button etc.

You can close a page tab by 
  • Clicking it with the mouse-wheel.
  • Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F4 (or the unpublished shortcut Ctrl+w)
  • Using the tab context menu (right+click) and select close tab.

Navigation - Index

Tab Reorder

To reorder page tabs, use the mouse to click and drag the tab.


The Text-To-Speech reader uses Microsoft SAPI 5.x (which should be installed on XP, 2000, Vista, Win 7, Win 8).
If not found you can download MS SAPI 5.x from the Microsoft web site.

Select a region of the document and press F9 to read it. Press Esc to stop reading at any time.

Add Orphan Topic Groups to TOC

Some topics don't show in the TOC. This is because a topic TocParent meta tag was not set to -1 or a valid Topic ID.
When you are viewing a topic of an orphan group, press TOC Sync to add the group to the TOC.
Orphans will persist when the viewer is restarted. Right click the orphan group to remove from the TOC.


  • Q. Nothing shows in H3Viewer. 
    A. You must switch to Offline (Local) mode using Help Library Manager.
  • Q. When I change catalogs, the Index is not updated.
    A. This is a known bug in HV 1.0. Restart HelpLibAgent tray application and try again.
  • Q. How do I download and create foreign language collections?
    A. See Language Packs for Microsoft Help Viewer 1.0

Options Menu

  • Help Library Manager
    Open the Microsoft HelpLibManager.exe application, used to add and remove local help content, and flip between Local and Online help mode.
  • Help Library Agent
    Runs the Microsoft tray application HelpLibAgent.exe, which must be running to load local help content.
  • Help mshcMigrate
    Runs mshcMigrate.exe a free advanced tool by Helpware.  
  • Set UI Language
    Select a User Interface translation.
  • Set Default Viewer for VS 2010
    Make H3Viewer or MS Help Viewer the default F1 viewer.
  • Color Theme
    Choose a color for the H3Viewer window.
  • Open F1 Topics in a New Tab
    When checked VS 2010 F1 help will open in a new tab.
  • TOC Quick Load
    When checked, at startup H3Viewer will only load first level TOC items and we assume all items are folders.
  • Minimize to Tray (build 108)
    When Checked, Minimizing & Shutting down H3Viewer will reduce H3Viewer to an icon in the notification area of the taskbar (the tray - screen bottom right). Click the tray icon to restore and show H3Viewer again.
    • Right-click the tray icon and select Exit to really shutdown H3Viewer.
    • You can fold down Shift or Ctrl when closing to force a real shutdown (and avoid minimize to tray).
    • Note that in h3viewer.ini file there are overrides that (a) stops shutdown from minimizing to the tray and (b) stops the icon tray bubble message from showing. 
  • Single Instance
    Normally opening H3Viewer with a command line parameter (eg. by pressing F1 in VS 2010) will open help in a single instance of H3Viewer (ie. Multiple H3Viewer windows is not possible). But running H3Viewer.exe with no command-line will open a second instance.
    When this item is checked H3Viewer will always open single instance (you will never see multiple H3Viewer windows open). 
    • Note that if you hold Shift or Ctrl down when H3Viewer is opening, then the "Single Instance" setting is reversed. 
  • Always on Top
    Forced the H3Viewer window on top of all other desktop windows.


  • Ctrl+F1 Minimize Application
    This key combination will Minimize the application (see View > Shortcuts menu).
    Note that H3Viewer.ini has a setting to make F1 minimize and Ctrl+F1 show help.

Known Issues

Application Freezes

We think we have fixed the random application freezes in version 1.3 or greater. If you still experience hangs please let us know.

Pages without style & broken links 

If you find pages are not showing style correctly and some links are not working then it probably means you
have the Help Viewer power toy Beta installed. Uninstall this and it will immediately return to normal. Also remember to stop the Agent tray application.

GUI Language Translations 

The latest version of H3Viewer ships with several GUI translations. 
See available languages and how to make your own translation: UI Translations 
The application is Unicode so you can flip between Eng, Japanese, Chinese, etc without restarting the PC.
If the fonts don't display correctly (as above), it is because you don't have foreign language fonts installed. 
Use Windows Update to get the required language pack. See Foreign Language Fonts


You can modify the list of fonts (see the Font command in the browser toolbar) by editing H3Viewer.ini text file.

Build 72+: Take a copy of h3Viewer.ini and rename it to H3Viewer.ini_override
H3Viewer.exe will always load H3Viewer.ini_override (if found) in preference H3Viewer.ini.
This way you wont lose your settings when you install new versions of H3Viewer (install updates H3Viewer,ini but not H3Viewer.ini_override).

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