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mshcMigrate Build 35

posted Feb 3, 2010, 7:15 PM by Robert Chandler
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  • 04-Feb-2010, Build 35
    • New Migrate options: Specify a category tag prefix & an F1 keyword tag prefix.
    • New: Extra dots found in output filenames (these cause problems in Help Viewer 1.0) are replaces with _
    • New: Now catches <title>xxx <tag> xxx</title> type syntax errors.
    • Fix: The Update command [Check, Fix & Recompile] was not saving the update HTML to disk.
    • Fix some escaping code -- '<xx>' should be escaped as '&#60;xxx&#62;' but was being escaped as '&#60;xxx&#60;'
    • Tweak the Update command. Level 0 = Zip only. Level 1 = Report problems and Zip. Level 2 = Report, Fix and Zip.
    • Drag & drop files & folders to populate fields. On the Migrate page you can now drop a folder onto either field.
    • Update help tips.