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mshcMigrate Build 29

posted Dec 28, 2009, 12:31 PM by Robert Chandler
29-Dec-2009, Build 29
  • HTML Help 1.x
    • Now migrates HH 1.x projects (.hhp) and help files (.chm). 
    • For .hhp source we migrate project [MAP] info into F1 topic meta tags.
    • Added a category meta tag so that HH1.x F1 meta tags can be found in the larger collection.
  • Folder As Source
    • You can now specify the name of a folder as the source. In this case we copy all files to the staging folder and use whatever TOC/Index/F1Index files we find in the root folder of the help project. If more than one TOC (or Index of F1 Index) file is found then you will be asked to choose.
  • Fix
    •  Now correctly migrates Index file entries to Help 3 meta tags. Previously a error was scrambling index entries.
  • mshcZipFilter.ini
    • Control what is compiled into the .mshc zip file by adding file filters to the file "mshcZipFilter.ini" (in the mshcMigrate.exe folder).
  • XML Syntax
    • If "filename.html" fails the XML syntax check and mshcMigrate cannot fix the problem, we now rename "filename.html" to "filename.~removed~.html", and replace "filename.html" with a temporary file that details the syntax error.
    • We now fix tags that have an Attribute Name with no Attribute Value (since this wont merge).
      eg. <input type=checkbox checked />  changed to <input type=checkbox checked="checked" />