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mshcMigrate Build 28

posted Dec 21, 2009, 8:25 PM by Robert Chandler
Most of our test HxS files now migrate and render successfully. Also images are now showing reliably.

Testing has been confined to SelfBranded=false (SelfBranded=true is next area to tackle). 
Thanks to the Microsoft Help team for the guidance in working around these release 1.0 problems.

22-Dec-2009, Build 28 - Change notes
  • Now installs a template file (you can customize) for when temporary files are created.
  • Now installs and registers a .NET DLL helpwareh3lib.dll. This DLL allows our win32 code to more accurately validate XHTML files (using similar .NET code to the Microsoft merge code).
  • Migrate now converts all <img src="..."> links to a full path from the root. This is required for version 1.0. Unfortunately this will break your <img> links for normal (non-Help 3) HTML work.
  • Migrate now converts all standard <a href="..."> links to <a href="ms-xhelp:///?Id=xxx">. At merge time these are fully expanded to a full ID link path. Standard inter-topic links will be supported in a later release.
  • Migrate strips all bookmarks from inter-topic links (not supported in release 1.0).
  • Migrate now converts all simple HTML entities (like &amp;) to Unicode entities such as &#38; Simple HTML entities such as &amp; &gt; &lt; cause merge errors in release 1.0.  Apparently this is because the MS code uses XML routines to read the XHTML files and although &amp; is valid XHTML, the XML code does not like it.
  • Note: Microsoft are aware of all these release 1.0 problems and will address them in a future release.