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mshcMigrate Build 22

posted Nov 24, 2009, 7:22 AM by Robert Chandler
A new version of mshcMigrate.exe is available. mshcMigrate Home & Download page
  • Build 22
    • Converts all inter-topic <a href="?"> links to <a href="ms-xhelp:///?Id=TheTopicsID">
      Microsoft confirm that normal links wont work for H3 version 1.0 and neither will inter-topic  #bookmarks links.
    • Rename Microsoft.Help.SelfBranding to Microsoft.Help.SelfBranded
      Microsoft confirm the code looks for meta tags Microsoft.Help.SelfBranded or SelfBranded
    • Now allows Help 2 meta tags (was crashing during merge). To do this we add these xml namespaces...
      <html xmlns="" xmlns:MSHelp="" xmlns:mshelp="">
    • Rename option to KeepH2HeaderTags which is TRUE by default. Set FALSE (uncheck) to comment out H2 header tags.
    • If TOC has more than one base item parent all base items under a single root item.