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mshcMigrate b42, H3Viewer b24

posted Mar 13, 2010, 7:17 AM by Robert Chandler
Both apps updated to be compatible with the latest LCTP4 release (an Internal release for MS and partners).
  • mshcMigrate, Build 42
    • Remove JSON API output format since no longer reported for release 1.0.
    • API page now compatible with new LCTP4 release
      New URL format:<Port>/help/<session>-<AgentProcessID>/
  • H3Viewer, Build 24
    • Now compatible with new LCTP4 release.
    • New URL format:<Port>/help/<session>-<AgentProcessID>/
    • H3Viewer now understands ms-xhelp:// urls. before it could only read format.
    • Wait dialog now appears if Agent is slow at fully starting. This is not perfect but better than it was. Previously if Agent was not fully started then the TOC would remain empty. Now we loop while a background thread pings Agent services.
    • Much improved bookmark page. Also we now store favorites as ms-xhelp:/// links (since these wont go stale and any app can read them).
    • Now prompts and switches you to offline mode if required.