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mshcMigrate b41, H3Viewer b22, FAR HTML 5

posted Mar 9, 2010, 7:03 PM by Robert Chandler   [ updated Mar 10, 2010, 2:18 AM ]
Updates on all fronts.

mshcMigrate build 41
  • Fixed a minor problem found in Help3. Katy from ESRI found if a title tag immediately followed (same line) a <script> include line then the topic was not included in the TOC. So Migrate & Update now force a line break after each <script> include line.
  • Also mshcMigrate licenses can now be purchased from the Helpware store. A FAR HTML 5 license means you are already licensed to use mshcMigrate. But remember a license is only required if you regularly use mshcMigrate to help produce a commercial product. If you are experimenting, temporary use etc, then it's free to use.
H3Viewer build 22
  • Fix: Seems this needed a touch more work. Bookmarks now open in same window as they should. This is a work-a-round for a Help3 bug, so outside H3Viewer the problem still exists. MS should fix after RTM.
  • FAR5 Is finally out and can be purchased from the Helpware store.  
    Top reasons to buy or upgrade: 
    • Full Unicode support. So now you can edit say your Japanese files on an English PC
      (just remember this does not apply to HTML Help which uses older ANSI technology). 
    • FAR HTML 5 user license covers you for mshcMigrate application.
    • New tools for Help3. A new meta tag editor, plus FAR's WYSIWYG TOC/Index editor now supports importing/exporting Help3 TOC/Keyword/F1 meta tags.
    • And more...
  • Note that FAR4 license codes will work in FAR5 -
  • If you purchased FAR4 after 1st of March 2009 ping us for your free upgrade.
A Question: 

Many companies use our H2Reg registration tool (H2 registration was hideously difficult). 
Is there a need for a H3Reg tool? Basically an installer extension to help you install/uninstall help3 files? Or is Help3 so much easier that this is not necessary? Please reply directly.