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HelpViewerKeywordIndex VS 2010 Ext

posted Apr 19, 2010, 7:41 PM by Robert Chandler   [ updated Apr 20, 2010, 3:16 AM ]
Ryan Linton (a PM on the VS Help Team) has create a neat VS extension that provides a Help Index, Search and the ability to view help topics right inside the VS 2010 IDE.

To Install the VS 2010 extension.

1. Run VS 2010 and open the extension manager

2. Select "Online Gallery" (left nav) and type "HelpViewer" into the search box (top right). Click Download.

And here's what you get..

After restarting VS 2010 the Help menu will now contain "Help Viewer Keyword Index".

A window appears that you can dock anywhere in the VS IDE.

The options page lets you open help results in the default browser or embedded inside the IDE

Index items are searched for as you type. Double-click an index item and help opens inside the IDE.

Here's a shot without TOC.
Notice the disambiguator results (where an index items has more than one result) are expand in place below the keyword prefixed with a "-" hyphen.

Here's the search tab...

Very nice! Thanks Ryan!

Wish list... 
  • Full TOC
  • Ctrl+Click items or Search button to open in new page tab (IDE).
  • Shift+Click items or Search button to open in default browser. 

You can report bugs and ask Ryan questions here: