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H3Viewer Command-line

posted Aug 26, 2010, 5:46 PM by Robert Chandler

Dear Helpware Team,

are there any plans to implement a commandline interface to h3viewer?

One of the features I liked so much about h2viewer was that my IDE could feed it an F1 style search request via commandline switches. However the new style MSDN help library seems incompatible with h2viewer. I have tried h3viewer which works with the library of course but does not integrate with my IDE.

Kindest regards,

Hi Matt

Actually this one is better than the H2Viewer experience as H3Viewer can be made to completely take over as system help viewer.  Or if you only want your app to open H3Viewer (and not VS 2010) then send the URL on the command line (in Quotes).

To make H3Viewer the default viewer for your system:

  • Go to H3Viewer options menu and select H3Viewer as the default view.
  • Restart Help Agent and now all F1 should go to H3Viewer. Whether from your app of VS.

So you can just ShellExecute() a URL like ms-xhelp:///?name=value&name=value
And it will open in H3Viewer

Or call H3Viewer (a single instance app) and pass in the URL on the command line:

If you want F1 then of course you use an F1 URL .. like..

H3Viewer.exe “ms-xhelp:///?method=f1&query=String&format=html&product=VS&productVersion=100&locale=en-us”

You may have to become more familiar with F1 URLs.

You can also run H3Viewer.exe with the debug window open to see F1 messages coming in.

You can also watch help messages for the Help Viewer system…