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H3Viewer Build 40

posted May 13, 2010, 10:55 PM by Robert Chandler
  • Download: H3Viewer.exe
  • 14-May-2010, Build 40
    • Speed optimize TOC load and TOC Sync.
    • Added "Option > TOC Quick Load" -- When checked only root TOC items are
      initially loaded (a single API call). So startup is 1 second or more faster.
    • Normally we read all TOC node children for ever node so we know whether to add [+] gadget. This take a long time for nodes such as .NET Framework classes. So now if > 30 nodes we just assume a [+] anyway and read children when the node is expanded.
    • .NET Framework 4 node -- Don't allow .NET 3.5 (or mixed version or mixed locale).
    • .NET Framework 3.5 orphan node is automatically added if available.
    • All other nodes allow mixed topicVersion and topicLocale for now. However "mixed" TOC items are marked in a darker TOC tree icon. You can see the exact version by looking at the topicVersion= and topicLocale= info in the current topic URL.
      • TopicVersion=100  -- .NET 4
      • TopicVersion=90  -- .NET 3.5
      • TopicVersion=95  -- Silverlight
      • You typically wont see these... 85 = 3.0, 80 = 2.0, 71 = 1.1
Here you see ".Net Framework Program in Visual Studio" node is purple, marking that it is a different version or locale than it's parent node. The URL for this page contains "&TopicVersion=90" so it's .NET 3.5.

".NET Framework 3.5" (you must download this from the web) is marked pink to show it is a TOC orphan group. That is it's topic files where never added to the main TOC using Microsoft.Help.TocParent= meta tag.