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H3Viewer 1.4 (Build 71)

posted Sep 20, 2010, 7:44 PM by Robert Chandler   [ updated Sep 21, 2010, 3:33 AM ]
H3Viewer 1.4 contains many user requests (If you have a feature please contact us).

Download H3Viewer 1.4
  • Mouse Wheel clicks
    Can now click links with the middle button to open a topic in a new tab.
  • Support for MS Intellimouse
    We now support the extra MS Intellimouse side buttons (WM_XBUTTONUP events). They perform Browser Back and Browser Forward same as in Google Chrome. Also Hold down Ctrl to change page tabs.
  • Ctrl+w 
    H3Viewer uses Ctrl+F4 to close page tabs. You can now also use Ctrl+w (same as IE8).
  • Table Of Contents cleanup
    We now restrict the TOC to show only Visual Studio 2010 content. Previously we displayed all raw data returned by the API call, which was not always helpful. We are following MS on this (watching as they build their full TOC experience).
    • ShowTocMode=n in H3Viewer.ini
      ShowTocMode=y if you want to see the original raw unfiltered TOC. Set =y then restart H3Viewer. You will now see 3 new menu items in the TOC (right+click) context menu.
  • Open Online command
    You can now specify the device view and language via an options dropdown.
    Also you can now click Open Online for MSDN web pages (not just local help content).
  • Font command
    This new browser toolbar button allows you to override the default font of a page (see below).
    The fonts are defined in
    H3Viewer.ini if you want to modify the list.
  • Other changes
    • Now allow MS Help Viewer 1.1 CTP Beta to show in menus, but not the earlier incarnation of MS Help Viewer Power Tool (We still display a warning popup for that).
    • Added French translation -- by Julien Lebosquain - See (many thanks Julien!).
    • TOC control now uses Win 7 type expando triangles (was old fashioned +\- buttons). Tweak other UI elements for minimal look.