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Event Log

MS Help Viewer applications log all status, warning and error messages to the Windows Application Event Log. This page displays the last x days of log events.

The event log is important to help developers, since this is where syntax errors will be reported.

Example: When you install a help file, HLM typically displays a message such as "The 'p' start tag on line 698 position 9 does not match the end tag body". This gives you enough information to fix the problem. The message is saying it found a <p> tag but found a </body> tag instead of a </p> tag. The <p> tag is not closed. Unfortunately HV does not report the name of the source file in error. Use mshcMigrate migrate log file to find out which HTML topic file is in error (in the log file, errors are marked with 2x asterisks **).

Finding and Fixing Merge Errors

Applications such as mshcMigrate.exe should locate syntax problems for you. 
If not, then you could try this binary debug approach: 
  1. Gut your .mshc help package (zip file) of everything except the HTML topic files.
  2. Delete half the topic files and try to merge. 
  3. Keep deleting and merging until you find the file in error.
Once you find the problem file you may then need delete sections until you eliminate the error.

Help Viewer 1.0 needs well formed XML (XHTML) so once you find the file in error, open it in something like "MS Expression Web 3.0" which has great XHTML validation. You could also try "HTML Tidy" which is very good at actually fixing XHML syntax problems. An XML editor may also help (since the MS code uses XML classes to read help topic files).