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License.txt File

[mshcMigrate Build 39 and later]

If you have a registered version of FAR HTML 5 installed on your PC you don't need a license.txt file. If you open the mshcMigrate.exe About Box you should see that you are already registered.

If you purchased a license for mshcMigrate license, then here's how to install your license codes.

In the email that contains your license codes you will see something like... 

#1. User Name:          <license text - should not be changed>

Sometimes we send 3 codes like this...

1. User Name:       <license text 1 - should not be changed>
2. User Email:       <license text 2 - should not be changed>

Installing License Codes

Copy these code lines (including #1. or 1. etc) and paste them into a license.txt file.
Save this and restart mshcMigrate. The About box should now display "registered" and any startup expiration popups will be gone.


There is an "Edit License.txt" file link in the mshcMigrate.exe > About box. This will open the License.txt file.

You will need to run mshcMigrate.exe "As Administrator" since "c:\program files\" is a protected folder.

You can also open License.txt directly. License.txt lives in the same folder as mshcMigrate.exe.
Open or create this file and copy/paste in the license codes. 

License Code Format

  1. The code can be any valid mshcMigrate or FAR HTML 5 codes (2 lines or 3). 
  2. The code lines must start with '#1.' or '1.Space' etc. (leading spaces are ignored). 
  3. A ':' colon character must separate the line parts. 
  4. Do not arbitrarily change the user name or user email info.
    Contact us for new license codes if you need these changed.

Backup you license codes 

We get regular emails from users who have lost their license codes. Usually because a hard disk failure.
Please backup you purchase to CD, Server, or print out on paper.
If you get into trouble please contact us and we can send you replacement codes.

Contact us if you have any problems.