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Help Library Manager

The Help Library Manager page allows you to perform install/uninstall tests on your help file.
Alternatively open the MS Help Manager apps (see Visual Studio help menu) using the links provided. 

Background: A help collection is known as a "Catalog". A catalog can contain one or more books. And a book can contain one or more packages (your help files). A package can appear in more than one book. And a book can appear in more than one catalog. 

VS 2010 and VS 2012 now have different run-time executables, and slightly different command line parameters.
So first off choose a help viewer to work with.

Help Viewer 1.x

HelpLibManager.exe is the application that installs our help. It requires a minimum of 3 arguments (Product+Version+Locale). These 3 elements define a help catalog. For version 1 the only catalog on most PCs will be Visual Studio 2010 help (VS+100+en-us).

You can create your own catalog by simply entering something other than VS+100+en-us.
Every time a new catalog is created the Microsoft "Help on Help" book is automatically added to that catalog.

In HV1 if you open a catalog ACME_APP+100+en then the HelpLibManager.exe application will allow you to view and uninstall books from that catalog. To view the catalog simply run HlpViewer.exe and specify the catalog on the command line (or click the link provided). 

Help Viewer 2.x

HlpCtntMgr.exe is the background application that installs our help. It requires a minimum of 2 arguments (Catalog+Locale). These 2 elements define a help catalog. For version 2 the Visual Studio 2012 English help is called VisualStudio11+en-us. 

In HV2 you can now create your own custom collection at any location you like. However there is small bit of worked required to create the catalog and also register it so it can be viewed by the VS Help Viewer. 

However for most of our work we just want to install into the VS 2012 catalog "VisualStudio11+locale" which is already set up and registered with the help viewer.

  • Click the "Catalog" link to view catalogs found on the current PC. Select an item to populate the catalog fields.
  • "No Online Help" (HV1 only) - disables online type links in the UI.
  • "Silent Mode" - is only applicable if you are installing a signed .cab help file or you are uninstalling.
  • "Install" - Requires that you specify a valid .msha manifest file. For non silent installs HLM will open and the user must "add" the book and click "update" manually. Only signed .cab installs can be installed silently.
  • "Uninstall" - Define the book to uninstall from the catalog. This command requires the /silent switch and does not required your help to be signed.
  • Click "Run" to run Help Manager with the specified command line parameters.
    You can either type the command line directly (if you know the parameters), or enter values into the fields below.
  • Check "Run as administrator" if you are installing or uninstalling help (required).