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Help Library Store

Help Viewer 1.x (VS 2010 Help)

This page allows you to explore the Help Library data store for HV 1.x (VS 2010 help). It displays all "Help Catalogs > Vendors > Product: Book > Packages" found in the local store.

Drill down to the Package level (using the tree view) and click Load Package to list the package contents. Right-click an item to access commands such as -- Open, View source, Decompile.

Note: We take a copy of the store package so we don't interfere with the normal operation of MS Help Viewer. In the options page is a check box that allows you to delete the mshcMigrate temp files cache on application shutdown. If you don't delete on shutdown it may open faster next time.

Help Viewer 2.x (VS 2012+ Help)

The help file format of HV 2 help files is the same as HV 1 but the runtime & catalog system is completely different.

We haven't provided an explorer for HV 2 catalogs but you can easily explore yourself.
Any catalog that HV2 viewer can view is listed in the registry here: 


Once you locate a .mshc file in the catalog, you can of course copy it out and rename it to .zip to look inside the container.

Note: We have a free API test app with code in CodePlex.
We have more notes on HV 2 catalogs here.