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Batch Mode

[Build 31]
mshcMigrate.exe can be run in batch mode. That is an automated mode where you preset run conditions before hand and the application performs without any user intervention.

Batch commands/options include:
  • Set input and output paths (full path or relative paths).
  • Run Migrate or Update commands.
  • Run in minimized state.
  • At end of run
    • Open log or output folder (optionally open only if an error is reported)
    • Close the application (optionally close only if there are no errors)
  • Specify a .msha Manifest to be output after creating or updating the help file. [Build 32]

How it works

Create a "xxx.mshcMigrate" command file and pass it in as a command line parameter to mshcMigrate.exe. Or you can simply run xxx.mshcMigrate (as you would a .BAT or .EXE file), since the installer creates an association between the .mshcMigrate file extension and the mshcMigrate.exe application. 


All batch commands are contained in a single command file (a simple text file with INI file format).
We ship an example command file called "CommandFile(example).mshcMigrate". This lives in the same folder as mshcMigrate.exe,

Take a copy of this file and use it as a template for making your own command files. Command files can live anywhere on your hard disk.

When the command file is loaded it is first validated. Any syntax errors (bad paths etc) with cause an immediate error to be displayed. There is also a log file dropped so you can see how the command file was parsed and interpreted (for debugging purposes). Example: A command file "c:\test\xyz.mshcMigrate" will drop a log files "c:\test\xyz.mshcMigrate.log". If the folder is read only then the log file is created in the windows temp directory.

Paths inside the command file are relative to the location of the command file (or you can specify full paths).

Note: You can also generate a .mshcMigrate file by using the Export button on the Options page. This uses "CommandFile(example).mshcMigrate" as a template.

Need more options? Let us know.

Best Practices

In build 61 we introduce the CopyTo= and DeleteAfterCopy= batch commands.