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Welcome to mshcMigrate.helpmvp.com where you will find info & tools for MS Help Viewer (AKA Help 3, VS 2010/2012/+ help, Windows 8 help).

NOTE: The Help Viewer 1.0 (VS 2010 help) and Help Viewer 2.0 (VS 2012 + Windows 8 help) use identical .mshc help file formats but the runtime executables are completely different. So most of the HV1 authoring talk here is also applicable to VS 2012 help and above. For details on Help Viewer 2.0 API see sister site hv2.helpmvp.com.

On This Site:

  • MshcMigrate.exe
    Convert older projects (.hhp, .chm, .hxc, .hxs) to MS Help Viewer help (.mshc, .cab, .msha). Developed in partnership with the Microsoft MSDN help team. 

  • H3Viewer.exe
    Alternative VS 2010 help viewer in the style of DExplore. First VS 2010 help viewer with a full TOC, full Index, Search and favourites.
  • FAR HTML version 5
    MS Help Viewer editing including the ability to edit Keywords and Table of contents.